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Land-Match Program

Match your available land with an entrepreneurial grower or apply to be matched with a registered land owner through our Land-Match program.

This confidential match-making service serves local food producers who want to start their own small business but have limited access to land capital or want to test the market while limiting the initial risk. 

Land-owners can register using the form below, from which they will be entered into a confidential list of available properties.  As local producers apply, the AFA board will review registered properties, choose those that may be appropriate for that particular grower's needs, and share the grower registration form with the property owner(s).  From there, it is up to the property owner to contact the applicant grower, determine if they are the right fit for their property, and negotiate the details of their land-use agreement. 

Note: Insurance will be required by all successfully matched growers.  If you know a grower requiring guidance on obtaining appropriate insurance, have them contact the Acadiana Food Alliance at Please include the subject heading 'Insurance Guidance'. 

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